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Travel Baseball Overview (13 Year Old)


Hamel travel baseball will field travel teams at the 13-14 year-old age levels.

There will be one AAA team at each age level and one AA team if there is enough interest. Each team will consist of 12 players. The Hamel Board will make the final determination of the final number of teams.

These AAA and AA teams will play in the MYAS (Gopher State League) and play a 16-17 game league schedule along with entering four weekend tournaments. The teams could also play in one state tournament in July if they qualify.


Travel baseball requires dedicated time commitment from players, coaches and parents, from April through July, and possibly into early August. Every player’s presence is important and the player is expected to make every effort to attend all practices, league games, and tournament games. Unexcused and/or excessive absences will result in a reduction of playing time and may result in dismissal from the team.

2013 Prospective Teams

Hamel will field the following travel teams as noted. It is the goal of the association to ensure our teams are competitive at the level they will be playing at. Changes to the number of teams (and competitive levels) may change due to the number of interested players. We are limited in the number of travel teams that we can field due to the number of playing fields we have available to us. Please note that travel baseball is highly competitive and requires a full commitment.

Season Information

DAYS Monday through Thursday (Possible Friday through Sunday games)
DATES: April 30 – July 30 (season may extend into August if qualify for state tournament)

Season will have a 16-game schedule and four tournaments. This excludes state tournament if team qualifies.  

AAA and AA teams can expect to practice and/or play up to 4-5 times per week.

The teams at this level will play against other western suburb teams (Gopher State Central Teams). Please check out teams at for further information.


Registration and Team Formation

Registration Fees

$450 per player per season, plus an additional $50 tryout fee (tryout fee is non-refundable)

The initial registration and travel fee covers the team’s expenses for participation in league games, umpires, equipment, and association administration and support. The initial registration and evaluation fee are collected at time of registration—if a player makes a travel team the fee will be collected at uniform handout. The evaluation fee is non-refundable and will be collected at the time of registration ($50).

PLEASE NOTE:  A player who makes a travel team and decides not to participate on that team will not be rewarded a refund and will be ineligible to participate in the travel program in 2014.

Additional Fees:

If a team qualifies for and receives a bid to a state tournament the association will pay the entry fee. Teams (parents) will be responsible for any gate fees due to the host association for any tournaments that have this charge. There will be a parents’ meeting conducted by the head coach to review all appropriate fees.

Once a player has been placed on a team, there will be no refunds except for players who suffer a long-term injury or illness. All refund requests will be prorated by the number of games played and must be approved by the Hamel Board.


Team Formation

Teams will be comprised of 12 players and will be formed no later than two weeks before the start of the season using evaluations.

Player Eligibility

League Requirements

A player is eligible to participate in Hamel Travel Baseball team tryouts subject to the following criteria:

The Gopher State Baseball League is a community-based program. GSBL teams are comprised of players who are from the community in which their parent or legal guardian resides or in which they attend school. The GSBL will recognize a team if they are derived from a bona fide association or school program within their boundaries according to their bylaws. 

  • In accordance with Hamel Board policy, players must have previously played in the Hamel Little League program and/or reside within the boundaries of Independent School District 284 OR if outside the boundaries the player must be open-enrolled in a public school of ISD 284 (this includes the Medina city limits). A listing of those schools may be found at
  • Must have paid all applicable fees and any arrearages from previous Hamel programs
  • Must meet age guidelines specified by the national governing organizations.
  • Proposed exceptions to this policy, describing extenuating circumstances for the exception, must be addressed and reviewed by the Hamel Board of Directors at a regular monthly meeting.

Birthday Cutoff

A copy of the child’s birth certificate should be supplied to the head coach at the first parent/coach pre-season meeting.

• 13 year-olds 5/1/98 through 4/30/99 or completing 7th grade.
• 14 year-olds 5/1/97 through 4/30/98 or completing 8th grade.

A player who has the option of playing up with his grade can only be evaluated for the age level he has signed up for. Players in the Hamel travel program cannot be rostered and play for any other team or association from May 1 through the last game of the travel season (except for 15 year-olds participating on high school teams). Any player found to be rostered on another team will be removed from the Hamel team.


Game Play

Players will be continuing to develop fundamental baseball skills. Focus will be on training the kids to prepare for high school baseball.

13 Year-Olds

Games played on 75’ bases and 52’ pitching mound. For official bat qualifications please go to

14 Year-Olds

Games will be on a regulation baseball field, 90’ bases and 60’6” pitching mound. For official bat qualifications please go to



Parents and spectators who aren’t on the field coaching are encouraged to celebrate success on both teams and are to refrain from “directional coaching” (i.e. giving direction to their kids) from the sidelines during the games and practices. Players, spectators and coaches are expected to adhere to the code of conduct policies.


At the Major League level, Hamel Baseball provides:

  • Baseballs (practice and official game balls)
  • Catcher’s Gear
  • Team Jersey (to be returned after the season)
  • Team Cap

Players are required to supply their own:

  • Helmets (royal blue preferred)
  • Glove
  • Baseball bat(s)
  • Baseball pants (gray)
  • Athletic Supporter and protective cup
  • Rubber cleated baseball shoes
  • Baseball sox and belt (royal blue)

NOTE:  Please write your child’s name on all personal equipment.