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Coach Pitch Overview

Overview (Ages 6-7)

The Hamel Coach Pitch program is designed to continue introducing the basic fundamentals of baseball.  The focus is on fostering an interest in the game and developing basic skills through a fun, positive, and encouraging approach. The season is considered a success if kids are enthusiastic to sign up for baseball next season.

Season Information

DAYS Mondays and Wednesdays
TIME: Two alternating shifts starting at approximately 5:30 and 6:45 p.m.
DATES: May 1 – July 1

In the case of inclement weather, the league will continue as of the date listed on the schedule. The league may choose to make up games after the last week of the season if there are a higher than normal number of canceled games during the season.


Games and practices are held on the grass fields located behind the Hamel Community Center in downtown Hamel, just west of the Hamel Baseball Complex.

Registration and Team Formation


$175 per player
$25 discount during early registration


Age Requirements: The Coach Pitch program is for boys and girls ages 6-7 as of April 30 of the current year.

Parents should note their child’s K-12 school on the registration form if applicable

Team Formation:

Teams will be comprised of 10-11 players.

Player "Play with" request must be mutual (i.e. Player A must request Player B and Player B must request Player A on their individual registrations.  Due to the size of the league, we can only attempt to honor one "play with" request per player.

Teams will be formed no later than two weeks before the season using 1) elementary school, 2) a single "friend request", and 3) an equal distribution of available coaches.

Practice/Game Play

Basic baseball rules and fundamentals (running the bases, holding the bat correctly, swinging correctly and playing catch with a teammate) will be taught.

Coaches will pitch to their own team, but tees may be used early in the season for kids who need it. After three outs, the bases will be cleared and the inning will continue until all players have batted.

Games will be 3 innings and scores and standings will not be kept.

Parents and spectators who aren’t on the field coaching are encouraged to celebrate success on both teams and are to refrain from “directional coaching” (i.e. giving direction to their kids) from the sidelines during the games and practices. Players, spectators and coaches are expected to adhere to the code of conduct policies.


At the Coach Pitch level, Hamel Baseball provides:

  • Baseballs (Easton Soft-Stitch IncrediBalls [cloth-covered] are used at this level)
  • Bats (Please note: players bringing their own bat should expect to share it with others)
  • Team shirt and hat

Players are required to supply their own:

  • Helmet (royal blue preferred)
  • Glove

Players have the option to wear:

  • Baseball pants (gray preferred)
  • Rubber cleated baseball shoes

NOTE:  Please write your child’s name on all personal equipment.