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Coach's Corner

Welcome to Hamel Baseball's Coach's Corner

The coaches corner is a place to enhance your sports education. The goal of this area is to assist you in developing better players and better people for future success at whatever level you might be at. Our goal is for you to learn one new thing each time you visit this section. If you have any questions, suggested topics, or articles to contribute to this area please contact us.


Hamel Baseball Safety

Safety is a primary concern for Hamel Baseball and it is imperative that coaches and league representatives make sure that players and spectators enjoy their experience in a safe environment.

Unfortunately, accidents and injuries do occur and we must be diligent in making certain that they are addressed immediately and consistently.

All coaches are required to carry with them, during all Hamel Baseball events (including practices and games), a current copy of the Safety Plan which can be found below.  This booklet serves as a guide to coaches and other league personnel on both the handling and reporting of injuries.

Coaching Manuals

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Coaching Resources

SKLZ Baseball Instructional Videos

Link to an assortment of instructional videos on hitting, throwing, catching and more.