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Hamel Little League All-Star Teams

Welcome to Hamel Baseball All-Stars!

All-Star Teams for 9-12 year olds are formed at the end of the season, based on voting from Players and Coaches.  All-Star players participate in practices and Post-season tournaments through the end of July. 

More about the Little League All Star Tournament:

 The pinnacle of Little League baseball is the Little League World Series played every August in Williamsport, PA.  The LLWS is truly a world-wide event, involving 8 U.S. teams and 8 International teams.  The teams that reach the LLWS consist of the top 12 year olds from a given league that have competed and won at the District, State, and Regional levels.  Although only the 12 year old All-Star team can make it to  the LLWS, each league selects All-Star teams at the 12, 11, 10, and 9 year old level.  The 9's compete only at the district level, while the 10's and 11's compete at the district and state level.  The 12 year old team that wins their district All-Star tournament, proceeds a State tournament.  If they win there, they advance to a Regional tournament, and if they win that, they head to Williamsport for an incredible experience.

2017 All-Star Tournament will be July 7 - July 21

District 1 All-Star Tournament will begin July 7  2017

Tournament Location is based by age tier...More information to follow

2017 All - Star Teams

AGE 8-9 AGE 9-10 AGE 10-11 AGE 11-12