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Clinics and Development

Welcome to Hamel Clinics

Playing baseball, developing skills and enjoying the game doesn't have to end in the summer.  Hamel Baseball is committed to providing the opportunity of off-season training, clinic programs and open dome time to our players.

Visit this page for future announcements regarding Hamel Baseball and available off-season baseball programs.

Development Links

If you are interested in additional baseball training and development, Hamel Baseball recommends the following programs or facilities:

Hit Dawg Academy

The Hit Dawg Academy's philosophy is based on player development. We focus strongly on fundamentals and the necessary mechanics needed to be successful in baseball. From there, winning will take care of itself. There are no tryouts. Anybody and everybody that wants to work hard on their baseball skills, and improve as a player is invited to join our program. Our staff is dedicated to getting you prepared to play at the next level. This opportunity is for players ages 7 years old to 18 years of age.

Pine Tar Academy

Pine Tar Academy was established in 2006 and is located in Minnetonka. Pine Tar Academy has trained 10,000+ players ranging from 6-25. They believe in developing young ballplayers in a positive and energetic learning environment. Pine Tar Academy has trained some of the top players in the state ranging from Little League, high school, college and MLB.