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Field of Dreams

Since 1926, Hamel Baseball has formed a proud tradition of bringing America's pastime to our community's youth.  Hamel Baseball prides itself on teaching our children the fundamentals of baseball, but more importantly, how to be better people through responsibility, encouragement, and respect. 

The program has experienced tremendous growth in recent years in both participants and success on the field.  In order to build on this success, Hamel Baseball looks to our foundation - our community and families.

Please take a moment to review our corporate and individual giving campaign options that have been created to ensure that Hamel Baseball is the best it can be now, and for another century.

PLEASE NOTE:  Hamel Athletic Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and financial support may be tax-deductible.

Hamel Stadium Project

The Hamel Athletic Club has initiated a capital improvement fund to help complete Phase II of our Field of Dreams. This is our largest, most ambitious project yet.

Hamel Baseball is asking area businesses, civic organizations, and families for their continued generous support for this fund.



Hamel Athletic Club  is a non-profit organization that relies solely on the support of our families and community for its success.

Please consider making a tax-deductible* donation to help our organization become the best it can be.

Hamel is able to accept stock, check, and credit card donations. Please contact our treasurer for details on giving.

(*) Please consult with your tax advisor/accountant for charitble contribution deductions.

Community Destination

Waconia is one of the most recent communities to renovate their full-size field.  Their attendance immediately increased from a dozen people per game to over 300 visitors a night. Below is a before and after image of their field.

Waconia Lions Field Before and After

Lions Field During a Townball Game

Visit and to learn more about townball in Minnesota. Hamel Baseball is fortunate to have a townball team in its backyard. The Hamel Hawks share our full-size field and provide regular clinics for our youth players.